Nail Extension

Starts at ₹999

Acrylic and Gel nail extensions give you a long-lasting look and a perfect canvas to experiment with elegant nail arts. It extends the length of the natural nails by pushing back the cuticle and glueing plastic tips.

French Extension

Starts at ₹1,199

French manicure is a perfect choice that fits to anything with a soft pink nail bed and white tips. It gives an elegant and appealing feel to the nails and if applied with nail paint, it lasts for weeks.

Permanent Colour

Starts at ₹499

Makes nail paint last the longest without any maintenance for up to three weeks. It preserves the rich look with desirable options of permanent paint or permanent nail art that giving impeccable appeal

Nail Art

Starts at ₹99

Gives your nails a luxurious treatment with mesmerising nail art which can be created using diverse products and techniques. Nail art can be customized to match the chores of your interest and personality.


Starts at ₹2,500

Semi-permanent lashes are hand-glued on the top of your natural lashes in a pain-free procedure. With lashes options ranging from Chinese to Semi-Human to Australian, these eyelashes last for 25 days.


Starts at ₹450

A complete spa manicure and pedicure treatment restores the liveliness to your nails by cleaning and polishing nails of your hands and feet leaving them well grooming for any and every occasion.